BasicIncludes shampoo, instant conditioner, styling aids and style with blow dryer, curling iron, or rollers. $35

 Style Tier I May include, but not limited to: additional flat ironing, specialty braiding, specialty sets, wraps, twists, wet set with detailed finish,spiral curls or pencil curls. $45

Style Tier II Will provide a smooth finish to many textures of hair without the use of chemicals. Styling products will be applied and the use of several methods may be used to obtain a smooth finish. May include, but not limited to: blow drying, flat ironing, pressing or thermal implements. Includes a steam hydration treatment.  $55           

Up do (formal), Straw Sets$80pics 053

pics 055 



Hair Cut – Includes shampoo, instant conditioner and cut. $28

Basic Hair Cut and StyleIncludes shampoo, instant conditioner, cut blow dry and style. $44

Maintenance– Applies to trims, bangs, etc. $15



 Single Process Color$65

Double Process ColorBleach & tone or highlift color & tone. $85     

Glossing/Semi Permanent ColorA Semi-Permanent conditioning color that washes out in 8 to 12 shampoos. Delivers shine, tones, highlighted hair, removes brassiness and blends away gray. $65

Glossing with Chemical Service This 15 minute service can be performed immediately following any chemical service to add tone and depth or blend away unwanted gray. $25

Color Glaze/Clear ShineA clear semi-permanent gloss treatment that adds shine and condition to natural and color treated hair. $25

Color Highlights


Partial (up to 12 foils)$60


CarmelizationA customized service using multiple colors to create a unique multi-dimensional look.  $120

diorra braid 


Relaxer- Straighten curly hair for added control and styling versatility. includes deep conditioning treatment. $75

Relaxer Retouchincludes deep conditioning treatment.$55



Keratin Smoothing Treatment- Block Humidity and permanently transform hair from frizzy, curly, wavy or even coarse straight hair into silky, controlled straighter hair.

  • short to medium hair     $225

  • long hair                            $325

  • extra long hair                 $425

  • retouch                              $175                                 




Coconut Oil Pre-wash treatment Coconut 0il has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and to work its way through all layers of the hair strand. It helps reduce loss of protein, and aids in regaining your hair’s natural oil and moisture. $15

Dry Scalp Treatment– This service will exfoliate dry skin from the scalp and soothe scalp irritation. $15

Kevin Murphy Born Again MasqueThis ultra rich masque is a blend of pure botanicals and the latest research in science. It features a combination of some of the highest quality ingredients that are designed to deeply penetrate into the depth of the hair shaft, providing it with nutrition, nourishment and fortifying molecules. $20

 Custom Blend TreatmentMaintaining hair that has been relaxed requires a balance of moisture for flexibility and protein for strength. $15

Custom Blend & Dry Scalp TreatmentThis combined service will exfoliate dry skin from the scalp and sooth scalp irritation, while providing your hair with the necessary balance of moisture and protein. This service is available for all hair types, including color-treated hair. $25

Steam Hydration TreatmentIntensify the moisture levels of the hair by opening the cuticle to allow the deep conditioner to further penetrate and to infuse moist heat into the hair , which will infuse protein, oils and more nurturing products into your hair to stop: breakage, flaky/itchy scalp shedding, dry hair and more. Ideal for natural clients or those transitioning from relaxer to natural. $15SHI_0320

*Please keep in mind*

  • additional charges for hair length, texture, & density may apply.
  • chemical services may require additional solution. $10
  • all chemical services include consultation, shampoo, instant conditioner and basic style.
  • haircut is not included in the pricing of any service.