Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions are popular in Brazil, Europe, and around the country. This unique hair extensions method has many names; the Brazilian hair extensions, the Italian knot technique, Brazilian knot hair extensions or elastic fusion.

Used to add color, volume, length or bangs to your own natural hair, Brazilian Knot extensions are attached using a special threading technique. Elastic thread is wrapped around the hair shaft at the root and strands of hair are added in one at a time. This technique requires skill and patience, but when done correctly the extensions are undetectable.  The process takes between 5-8 hours depending on how full you want your hair extensions: no bulkiness, no shedding!  No tools, heat or bonding materials such as adhesive, glue or metal beads are required for the installation of this method-simply elastic thread. This causes less stress on your hair and is therefore more healthy for your hair. The hair used does not have to be pre-bonded so this makes it easier to get the volume right without damaging  your own hair as well as offering a better variety of hair to select from(straight, wavy to kinky curly). The thickness of the strands are matched with the clients hair so if you have fine hair you don’t have to worry about having very thick strands that are too heavy for your own hair. The Brazilian Knot technique is also ideal for people trying to grow their own natural hair. It’s safe and suitable for all types of hair, from fine, thick or coarse, Caucasian or Afro hair. Lasting 3 to 4 months with proper care, this method is easy to remove without the need of harsh chemicals. If you are careful you can do it at home. You can simply snip off the elastic thread! Although this method has been around for some time ,it is now becoming known around the world as the latest in strand by strand hair extension techniques, offering versatility and movement without glue or rings making it feel very light. As it only uses thread, it is the most natural way of applying hair extensions that give you great results.




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